the friends of verbier


The "Friends of Verbier" is a multicultural association which today counts over 550 members from over 15 countries.


It is a multicultural association. Its aim is both civic and social: to help make the stay of visitors and those who make a second home here more rewarding, easing integration into the Bagnes valley.


The local government of Bagnes has provided Les Amis with the charming old chalet Montfleury where you can find the Library funded by the Association, a cultural center and the bridge club,


Many local businesses sponsor the association.


The various activities of the Association include:

multicultural activities such as concerts, conferences, exhibitions, etc

sports activities, such as curling, walks and hikes, skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

bridge everyday between 16h00 to 19h00

friendly gatherings, such as drinks, dinners and picnics, etc.

gathering event for kids, etc.



Membership Fees for the civil year (1.1 to 31.12):


CHF  50.- for one person

CHF  80.- for a couple or a family

CHF 150.- for a corporate or business sponsor



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